Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weight Watchers?

As I was at the gym today, working the elliptical machine, watching TV, ohhhh 6? It was Good Day Houston. Apparently Houston's verions of Good Morning America. They had a woman there from Weight Watchers.
While I will say I dont discredit WW for helping men and women with loosing weight it was the mentality that got me. People needing to shed pounds are in it because they have made poor food choices, no portion control, etc.
It killed me to see that WW made chicken tenders, pushing Skinny Cow ice cream. I know that it is SO very hard to kick habit. They die hard. BUT I think that WW should be teaching people more about healthy and fresh, especially on television shows, than pushing their product.

I would say definately do your food research. If you are wanting to make a change then do it! You can!! I am. I have. Its SO very hard. I had a Diet Coke habit that was gross. I slowly gave it up and have been soda free for 3 years! It was almost like smoking.

Get your fresh foods in. Dont eat food with a shelf life, get up and move your hiney. Even simple walking can help you!!

You can do it! Please leave any comments/questions and I will get them addressed.

Leaving you with this, makes me shake my head. What's in your pantry?

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