Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013. Lots of fun things.

I want to share a few fun things, but I am going to split them in different posts.

Our family made so many healthy changes in 2012. We pretty much did a 180 with our eating. We went away from boxed and canned foods. We prepare our foods, and when we dont we have about 5 places that are local that care about their customers as much as we care about our family.

We started drinking kombucha. Its my addiction, my pickup line almost. I share the health affects of it almost daily.
We collect our own eggs, and help support our local farm.
We drink raw milk. Well the girls do, milk and me still dont do too well.

At the end of the year I started doing research on paleo diets. I am in love with it, and cant wait to learn and share more this year.

This year I will:
-exercise more. I work for myself and pour myself into my work. I wanna get out and enjoy the world!
-become even more less dependent on store products. My husband and I love to learn to make new items and have started to stock our pantry accordingly.
-share healthy news with family and friends. I do this, and want to share more.
-look into becoming a ceretified nutritionist.
-learn more about essential oils. I love love love do Terra oils and we are all becoming addicted to their wonderful effects on the body!

I cant wait to write more here.
Lets go for a healthy 2013.

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